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'Kaapi' stands for coffee and 'Thota' stands for plantation in the dialect of Chikmaglur, the place that holds the glory of being the first coffee growing region in India. We, the team Kapi Thota, come into existence to offer you the best blends of coffee grown in the small plantations of India.

We believe that a very high potential lies in the small farmers as they are personally involved through out the process of growing coffee, right from planting the healthiest of the saplings to picking the perfectly ripened berries. Our purpose is a two dimensional one which aims at offering you the specialty coffee at affordable price range along with making the small farmers benefit with the price their efforts deserve. By partnering with the small farmers, we work towards making them a part of the coffee value chain thus introducing them to the third wave movement, ultimately opening doors for more opportunities.

Why Kapi Thota?

Our coffees are handcrafted from the finest Arabica beans, sourced from the slopes of Western Ghats in Chikmagalur, grown under a thick canopy of shades along with spices and different fruit bearing trees. Many different birds and animals are frequent visitors to these plantations. Lushness of flora and fauna adds to the richness of tastes in our sustainable coffee.

To make sure that only the best coffee reaches your doorstep, the berries are picked in four runs keeping in mind that only the fully ripened ones are our priority. Later the beans are wet processed and roasted in small batches with utmost care so that the fresh coffee is dispatched each time.

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